July 2020

The third and final Link Corridor building for the RUH Oncology Outpatients relocation project completed this month.  This was the most challenging of the three buildings, wedged into a tight working zone with many interfaces to different existing roof and wall conditions.  Also work had to progress with the restrictions of a Covid-safe environment for the operatives.  Well done to KP Wilton of Bristol for a successful outcome!

June 2020

Despite the Covid disruption, works are progressing on site at the extension in Perrymeade, Widcombe, Bath.  Getting windows onto site has been a major challenge, but one of the large kitchen extension sliding units is going in.  The kitchen installer has been busy too with cupboard units on site and being set up.  Once the glass for the windows gets to site, the space will really start to sing.

May 2020

Our second of the three linking ramped corridor buildings connecting old parts of the Royal United Hospital in preparation for its new Cancer Centre construction completed this month.  Functional and responsive to its context.

April 2020

We are working remotely, some projects have slowed or held as the world awaits a future that is far from immediately clear.  But we are still working and lucky to be able to look out on a place as lovely as this – it keeps us moving forward.  Please be safe everyone.

March 2020

Progress continues on the RUH Oncology Outpatients relocation project with the first of the 3 Link corridors handed over to the Trust.

February 2020

Surrey Council grants planning permission for our new kitchen dining extension and internal refurbishments to a detached single family property near Guildford.

January 2020

The Oncology Outpatients relocation project, our part of the larger Royal United Hospital, Bath new Cancer Centre project starts on site with the first of 3 linking corridor buildings to be constructed among and between existing ward blocks.

December 2019

Single storey rear extension on our project in Perrymead, Widcombe, Bath, fills out on site.

November 2019

Our single storey open plan kitchen, sitting room extension in Shortwood, near Bristol, completes.

October 2019

The construction phase of the Royal United Hospital Wolfson Centre R&D department refurbishment and new office extensions completed hand over to the client.  Now final fit out begins.

October 2019

Planning submission issued to BathNES Council for a new 2-storey extension to an existing bungalow residence sited on a lovely riverfront plot along the Avon River near Bath City Centre.

October 2019

Three linking buildings designed and issued for tender as preparatory works for the future construction of the RUH, Bath’s new Cancer Centre.

October 2019

Our house extension at Burnbank in Widcombe, Bath has broken ground – existing demolitions and foundations under way.

September 2019

First Floor extension to Hansford Square, Bath residence gets under way on site after drawing submission to BathNES Building Control.

August 2019

Timber clad extension at Hantone Hill, Bathampton, achieves planning permission

July 2019

– Works progress on site for a new R&D facility at the RUH, Bath

June 2019

Two storey extension in Hansford Square, Bath, achieves Planning Permission

May 2019

New Central Sterile Services facility at the RUH completes on site

April 2019

New temporary Link Corridor and ramps to the new ward block at the RUH completes on site

March 2019

House renovation at the Tyning in Widcombe, Bath, completes.

March 2019

Start on site of refurbishment and extensions to Wolfson Centre R&D facility at Royal United Hospital, Bath.

February 2019

Wolsey Mews apartment project in Esher, completes.  Three new flats for the market.

February 2019

Start on site of link corridor serving a new temporary ward block at the Royal United Hospital, Bath

January 2019

Start on site of £1m refurbishment of the central sterile services department at Royal United Hospitals, Bath.

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