Frimley Park Diagnostic and Treatment Centre

Frimley Park Hospital NHS Trust
Completed 2004
This scheme involved the provision of ophthalmic diagnostic and treatment facilities together with private ward facilities and two theatres with day recovery facilities. Frimley Park was selected by the Minister of State for Health, John Hutton, as a ‘Trailblazer’ site for the provision of these DTC projects. 
The planned provision of services is summarised by the requirement to achieve – at first floor level – one specialist Ophthalmic Theatre and one multi-speciality Theatre supported by 15 recliners. This will providecapacity for an additional 1,000 Ophthalmic cases and 2,000 General cases per annum. 
To complement the Ophthalmic Theatre, the ground floor of the DTC will offer procedure and consultation accommodation for Ophthalmology. Increased attendances of 8,000 (2,000 new patients) per annum are expected, and there is also specialist linked facilities, being Optometry, Opticians Shop and Diabetic Services.
A private ward with single en-suite rooms, linked to the existing private wing, is to be provided at second floor level.
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