Dorothy House Community Lodges

Winsley, Wiltshire
Dorothy House Hospice
Completed 2014

SR Architects Ltd. was approached initially by Dorothy House Hospice in late 2012 to prepare a fee bid for the Planning Stage for two Community Lodges assisting their bid for a Department of Health 2012 Capital Grant funding initiative. The scheme was for family accommodation for End-of-Life patients and guests for Respite Care or family vacation in a welcoming holiday type environment.

From the successful funding bid, Planning Approval was secured within the restricted initiative timetables. SR Architects proceeded with the second stage of the timetable, delivery of the building before Spring 2014. Completing working drawings, Building Regulations approval, a traditional Tender and contract, the Lodges were completed within the allotted time periods to meet the requirements of the funding.

Photography courtesy of  Dorothy House Hospice.

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