Vodafone Offices

Completed 2016

SR Architects were appointed as the Lead Consultant for various office fit out/refurbishments for Vodafone which were completed during 2015 - 2016. We produced the initial space planning concepts and developed these with the services and structural engineers through the design and tender stages and onto site to realise well-considered and highly-serviced internal environments for their staff. Most of the schemes involved high level security enhancements to the building’s existing fabric to meet current Government security standards.

The interior design of the spaces was carried out in-house by SR Architects with the look and feel of the spaces based upon the latest branding strategy by Vodafone. The intent was to promote better ways of working with the over-arching theme of Wellbeing embracing Physical, Environmental, Psychological and Social concepts that are aimed at enhancing the design and which lead to environments where you look forward to coming to work.

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